STM waterjet cutting systems

Why you always perform better with STM – Waterjet.

STM customers value the greatest ease of use and personal consulting. In the end however it is always a question of cost optimisation and saving energy too. And this is exactly where the strengths of our modular range and custom solutions lie.

With the STM modular system customers get everything they need and nothing they don’t. This saves costs and also space. By exact adaption to each customer’s requirements and their specific production processes we are able to keep investment costs down. In addition STM – Waterjet puts
great emphasis on the longest possible service life of systems.

We provide customers with robust designs, replacement parts warranty of at least 10 years and comprehensive maintenance and repair services. Moreover since the requirements on the machine can change over a long service life retrofitting or upgrading is easily possible at a later date.

That’s how easy one is able to improve performance and optimise costs.