We’re one step ahead
of the curve.

For a leader in innovation such as StM the research and development sectors are of fundamental significance. Our in-house development department designs and researches new technologies and solutions day in and day out. One example for the innovative strength of StM is the StM 3D cutting head. It is the kinematic solution for 5 axes cutting processes of the StM waterjet technology. Thanks to the fixed “Tool center points” the cutting angle is able to be changed at will without moving the X, Y or Z axes. Depending on model, cutting angles between 0° and 68° are possible.

In order to safeguard the dynamic growth of the company and our technological lead in the long term we have drastically expanded the research and development department. The extension of a modern R&D centre in 2017 created the prerequisites for driving forward further development of components under optimal conditions.

Experience tomorrow’s technology today.

If you want to set benchmarks you have to invest in research. Waterjet cutting is a comparatively new technology in which unforeseen potential still abounds. In order to promote this StM supports numerous international research facilities such as the Fraunhofer Institut as well as several universities and is a participant in diverse working groups concerned with the subject of waterjet cutting. One example of our involvement with educational institutions is the Institute of Materials Science IW Leibniz University Hanover. Here a waterjet cutting system from StM is used for the training of students.

Other research partners of StM:

AiF – Federation of Industrial Research Associations

AWT – Working Group Water Jet Technology

EUREKA – Network for Market-Oriented Research and Development

Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences

Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA Stuttgart

Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK, Berlin

IW – Institute of Materials Science IW Leibniz University Hannover

ZIM – The Central SME Innovation Programme