Up to 40 % promotion for your new waterjet cutting system

Invest in the future!

With a new STM waterjet cutting system, you benefit from up to 40% subsidies in Germany!

Investments can be subsidized by up to 40%. This grant is based on the nationwide initiative to increase energy efficiency in industrial plants and reduceCO2 emissions.


  • the purchase of new water jet equipment,
  • the replacement of aging waterjet systems or individual components (e.g. high-pressure pumps, OneClean abrasive desludging) as well as
  • the exchange of e.g. plasma cutting systems or laser cutting systems for a waterjet cutting system
PremiumCut waterjet cutting system

Here’s how it works:

The STM sales consultant will work with you to determine a customized offer, based on which the energy consulting partner will perform the subsidy calculation.

Your only effort is to provide the information defined in the funding checklist. This streamlined funding application process means that funding approval can be achieved after just a few weeks.