Water is a success factor in cutting with waterjet cutting systems. The better the available water is suited for compression in high-pressure pumps and for cutting, the better the cutting quality and the shorter the downtimes.

Poor water quality is caused primarily by corrosion and thus increased wear on the high-pressure components. Non-return valves, high-pressure seals, cutting valve and water nozzles are particularly at risk.

In the course of our research projects we have been able to establish that the factors that influence service life are above all the formation of stones (calcium, carbonate), corrosion (hydrogen carbonate, chloride) and silicate deposits (silicate). Machine components like water nozzles, non-return valves and high-pressure seals are often prematurely damaged to such an extent that they have to be replaced several times a year and production downtimes have to be accepted. The water quality therefore has a significant influence on the functionality and service life of high-pressure pump components and waterjet cutting systems.

Our partner for water and wastewater quality issues, EKOWA GmbH, now offers a new, free service for a “holistic” assessment of your food and wastewater qualities.

If you are interested, send a 500 ml sample of the feed and wastewater (without air) to the EKOWA laboratory for analysis. You will receive the evaluation with possible treatment suggestions by e-mail within 5 days. The feed water should be taken directly before the high-pressure pump and after any treatment and the wastewater should be taken directly before it is discharged into the sewer. The appropriate sample bottles and sampling protocols can be obtained from us.

As an environmentally conscious waterjet cutting user, you always have your water quality in mind and can react to changes accordingly. You yourself decide on the measures to be taken to, for example, comply with the discharge parameters of the wastewater.

Conventional methods of water treatment to combat corrosion and deposits destroy the natural lime-carbonic acid balance and are responsible for the formation of free radicals. These types of water treatment in the high-pressure process lead to sometimes severe corrosion phenomena and thus further reduce the service life. These processing methods thus no longer match the current state of the art. In the course of our investigations we found out that better results can be achieved if the components of the water are stabilized instead of partially or completely removed from the water. As a result, we have developed a stabilising additive with which all lime formers, silicates, chlorides and sulphates are stabilised up to 6,000 bar and up to 100°C so that they cannot precipitate. At the same time, it also contains corrosion protection, which creates monomolecular layers and thus reduces wear and corrosion in the pump and the entire system.

We provide an efficient and simple system for water treatment with a dosing pump and a non-toxic and environmentally friendly additive.

For existing systems, we will also help you check the water quality and the functionality of the dosing system. At the same time, water samples should be taken of feed and wastewater to be taken and analysed free of charge. This enables us to determine the concentration of the additive and identify any necessary wastewater treatment.

Product advantages for the user:

  • Extension of the service life of the HP pumps and HP components (achieve
  • the service life specified by the manufacturer)
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Predictable maintenance intervals
  • Process reliability
  • A solution based on scientific evidence

If you have technical questions or problems, you can also send photos of your problem via e-mail to the provided e-mail address. This allows us to help you quickly and easily.

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