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Environment & Sustainability

The 9 pillars of STM’s holistic sustainability concept

Green finished with promoted water jet technology

Austrian waterjet pioneer STM now makes it easy for companies to switch to environmentally friendly manufacturing. The key: a system consistently trimmed for sustainability combined with active coaching and help in applying for subsidies.

Sustainable production processes

Industry has never been more challenged to make production processes more sustainable. Many companies feel overwhelmed by this task. It is precisely this target group that the waterjet specialist STM offers an attractive all-round worry-free solution. This is because, on the one hand, the long-established company manufactures customized waterjet cutting systems that are environmentally optimized down to the last detail. On the other hand, he also gives his customers a helping hand when it comes to “change management”. On request, the dedicated pioneer also determines the optimization potential in production, supplies suitable cutting solutions and assists with applications for subsidies – free of charge. In this way, STM removes the decisive feasibility hurdle for small and medium-sized companies in particular to make their own production sustainable and climate-friendly.

Our sustainability concept

The 9 pillars of STM’s holistic sustainability concept at a glance

The technology itself

Waterjet cutting uses the natural products water and sand as tools. They can be used to cut all conceivable materials without any changeover effort. No heat, gases or dust are generated in the process. The post-processing often required for thermal processes is also eliminated. All materials used are recyclable. That is why waterjet technology per se is environmentally friendly and adaptable.

The plant construction

STM cutting systems are designed in resource-efficient lightweight construction in accordance with European environmental guidelines. The encapsulated drive systems with servo motors save power and prevent lubricant leakage. The entire plant is illuminated by power-saving LED lamps, and the axes and abrasive system are trimmed to minimize compressed air requirements. Special features such as stepless abrasive metering and nesting of cutting jobs reduce material consumption to a minimum. The notch material collected in the cutting basin can also be recycled. The use of brand-name components from the DACH region without exception maximizes the wear resistance of the systems in parallel. As a result, STM is reducing the energy footprint of its waterjet systems by over 50 percent compared to older equipment. The almost fully compatible modular design enables permanent adaptation to current technical requirements.

The high pressure pump

The high-pressure pump is the decisive efficiency factor in waterjet cutting. STM therefore uses servo-driven high-pressure pumps with intelligent control that do not require cooling water. In the event of a leak, escaping media are collected in integrated containers so that environmental pollution is ruled out even in the event of a malfunction.

The consumables

STM also consistently relies on brand-name standard parts from the DACH region for wear parts and ensures that these are kept to a minimum and include as many identical parts as possible. STM wear parts are also easy and almost always individually replaceable.

The recycling concept

With OneClean, STM offers a modular reprocessing system for water. This makes it possible to treat the supply water and reuse all the domestic water. The fact that the kerf material is not changed in this cold-cutting process means that it can also be recycled without any problems. This significantly saves costs and protects the environment.

The working conditions

STM’s “Green Philosophy” also has a social component that aims to make work healthier. For one thing, no gases or dust are generated when operating an STM system, and noise pollution is moderate. On the other hand, the handling is very convenient. The system performs heavy, monotonous work just as automatically as tasks that require high precision. The intelligent software imports drawings automatically in the blink of an eye, and it also simplifies the definition of cutting parameters. Cutting time and costs are automatically calculated per job so that production can take place in the ideal cutting range. Maximum work safety is ensured by plastic hoods on Z-axles and cable tractors as well as a highly visible warning light. In this way, STM opens up a healthy and optimally protected working environment for employees in production.

The process optimization coaching

STM provides users with comprehensive advice on how to make their production more efficient and sustainable with waterjet technology. In addition to business plans, system proposals, cost-benefit analyses and test cuts, possible processes can be carried out live in the test center on request. This service is free of charge. This allows companies to evaluate the impact of new processes without risk and benefit from a stress-tested “ready-to-use” solution.

The subsidy support

Because of its unparalleled benefits, the federal government is relying on waterjet cutting technology to reduce the nation’s CO2 emissions by 2033. Without exception, all investments related to the acquisition of new waterjet equipment are supported. The amount of the subsidy depends on the energy-saving potential, which is particularly high for STM plants. Overall, funding of up to 40 percent of the total investment is possible. STM supports its customers in the preparation of applications as well as in the determination of the energy saving potential. This service is also free of charge for STM customers.

The used equipment service from STM

Users have the option to purchase refurbished used equipment with warranty through STM.

With this holistic sustainability strategy, STM offers users a tangible complete solution for the changeover to environmentally friendly manufacturing. The comprehensive free-of-charge advance services ensure that companies do not have to buy a pig in a poke. Interested parties are invited at any time to get to know the “System STM” at the STM test centers without obligation. Alternatively, STM also presents its technology at all leading industry exhibitions such as EuroBLECH or BLECHEXPO. Contact us to get more information.