Stm Bohrspindel


for waterjet cutting systems from STM

Accessories for STM waterjet cutting systems

Maximum variability and adaptability

Our systems are adapted exactly to your field of application. A wide range of accessories and expansion options ensure that the waterjet cutting system meets your exact needs and requirements.


Using a high-resolution industrial camera, workpieces and raw plates are optically read directly into the STM SmartCut software. The data can be recorded as a plate and the parts can be positioned on it as desired.

Applications for the STM SmartScan system:

  • When cutting parts from difficult-to-measure parts (e.g. heavy forgings) in which a recess is to be cut
  • When detecting the edges of the workpiece
  • When cutting pipe plates that have not been pre-measured
  • in the residual plate use

The camera can be mounted either on the ceiling above the cutting system or on a boom on the Z-axis above the cutting head.

Stm Smart Scan
Stm Smart Scan Software


The STM SmartPrinter prints the cutting material according to customer requirements.

The printer is programmed via the cutting software and mounted on the Z-axis with a swivel head. The single-color ink is waterproof, but can be removed with standard cleaning agents.


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TubeCut can be used to cut tubes either with the C-axis or lying on the cutting table with 2D and 3D systems. Results can be visualized before cutting.


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Drilling spindle

With the aid of a pneumatic or electric Powerdrill predrilling unit, a starting point for the waterjet cut can be created in materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass-reinforced plastics, rubber with fabric inserts and Alucobond® material quickly, precisely and without any qualitative impairment of the surface.

The Powerdrill module is mounted as a compact unit next to the cutting head and is equipped with a swivel arm. The drilling spindle folds out of the housing for the drilling process via a damped mechanism. The predrilling unit is fully integrated into the CNC control of the plant.

Technical details:

  • Collet for various drills up to 6 mm
  • Speed 3,000 rpm
  • Individual speed possible on request
  • Material thicknesses up to 10 mm
  • Larger material thicknesses possible on request
Stm Bohrspindel


The waterproof positioning laser enables perfect workpiece positioning. If desired, the laser switches on automatically during position travel and visualizes the point approached on the workpiece surface.

Technical details:

  • IP67 protection class, completely waterproof
  • Highly visible green laser light with a 40mW output
  • Simple hand focusing
  • Electrically insulated housing
Stm Laser

SmartCut Software

Intuitive operation and maximum efficiency in work preparation

It is well known that well-functioning, reliable hardware is just as important as intuitive, user-friendly software. However, especially in the most basic production areas of the industry – e.g. in separation technology – it is becoming increasingly important to keep the training effort in the daily production processes as low as possible.

Therefore, with the STM SmartCut cutting software, STM has set itself the task of creating precisely this balancing act between ease of use and functionality as well as flexibility.


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