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STM waterjet cutting systems and components

Premiumcut Wasserstrahl-Schneideanlage

STM waterjet cutting systems at a glance

Why you always perform better with STM waterjet:

STM customers value the highest level of operating convenience and personal advice. In the end, however, it is always about cost optimisation and energy saving. And this is precisely where the strength of our modular range and our individual solutions lies.

With the STM modular system, the customer gets everything he needs and nothing he doesn’t. This saves costs and also space. By precisely adapting to the respective customer requirements and their individual manufacturing processes, we can keep the acquisition costs low. In addition, STM Waterjet focuses on the longest possible service life of the systems.

In development, STM pays particular attention to innovative modular system technology in combination with connectivity, intuitive operation and high availability of the STM waterjet cutting systems.


STM waterjet manufactures CNC-controlled gantry systems in all dimensions and for all applications as standard. Functionality and economy as well as ease of operation/maintenance and transportability are the determining factors in the design.

The design and price-performance ratio also enable small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the technology. Each system can be used for pure water, abrasive or combined cutting processes. This means that all machines can cut a wide range of materials without retooling. Parallel cutting (2D) with up to twelve cutting heads is also possible. Our systems are manufactured in series, pre-installed, tested and usually delivered containerised.


Our waterjet cutting systems have a compact, user-friendly design consisting of three elements: cutting table, control unit and high-pressure pump. These three units are perfectly linked visually and functionally.

Regardless of the model, all structural components and screws are made of wear-resistant stainless steel or aluminium. Characteristic features are the flat underbody and the smooth side walls with concealed linear guides and a high-pressure tube carried in the axles.

The fully digital drive consists of brushless AC servo motors with multi-axis NUM, Eckelmann or Siemens CNC control. The associated software runs on MS-Windows and only requires a standard PC.

Drawing is done directly in the cutting programme, which can also be used to continuously adjust the cutting pressure and abrasive quantity. The entire IT technology is integrated into a freely movable control panel from which all processes are centrally controlled. This guarantees maximum operator comfort, control and safety.

The standard equipment also includes the abrasive dosing system with abrasive pressure conveying and intermediate dosing. When it comes to high-pressure pumps, only the best systems such as BFT high-pressure pumps are good enough for us. Depending on the requirements, they provide up to 6000 bar with a connected load of 11-75 KW and 1 – 10 litres per minute.

Energy efficiency

  • The high-pressure pump switches off automatically after cutting
  • Robust lightweight construction that does not require a special foundation
  • Low power consumption of the control unit (3 kW)
  • Low use of compressed air, as the abrasive dosing system only delivers when the level is at minimum
  • Stepless pressure regulation for maximum energy efficiency
Premiumcut Waterjet Cutting System


The waterjet cutting system of unlimited possibilities

STM PremiumCut is a high performance system compatible with all our cutting heads. In addition, it is possible to install several cutting heads on the PremiumCut.

Stm Premiumcut Waterjet

PremiumCut IFC

The versatile and robust special design

STM PremiumCut IFC (Independent Frame Construction) systems are characterized by their extremely robust design. In contrast to the structure of the normal systems, IFC systems have a free-standing frame structure for the STM Premium guidance of the X and Y axes and a modular structure of the tub elements.

Product Mastercut


The all-round system for demanding cutting requirements

The STM MasterCut is the perfect all-rounder for upscale cutting tasks. This cutting system offers the possibility to create sophisticated 2D cuts.

Ecocut Stm


The economical entry into the world of waterjet cutting

This waterjet cutting system provides an economical entry into the
World of waterjet cutting. The EcoCut is a reliable, low-maintenance cutting system with an extremely attractive price/performance ratio.

Product Stm Cube

STM Cube

The waterjet cutting system for maximum cleanliness

STM Cube has a hood cover and thus offers even more safety, noise insulation and ideal splash protection. The safety door can be opened upwards and backwards on the one hand to allow loading by means of the
crane to enable.

Product Microcut

MicroCut 4.0

The specialist for highest precision and extremely delicate cuts:

This micro waterjet cutting system enables the machining of extremely delicate and highly functional components from any material, and with record cutting accuracy. This makes the MicroCut the ultimate all-round solution for advancing miniaturization.

Product Oneclean


The modular all-round system for recycling and cleaning water and abrasive.

With the STM OneClean modules, water and abrasive can not only be separated, but also cleaned to a large extent and reused for the cutting process.

Stm Basic Clean Anlage


STM BasicClean is the economical entry into efficient abrasive rinsing and offers a fully automatic and space-saving system with BigBag for collecting the settled abrasive sand.