StM waterjet cutting systems

Why you always perform better with StM – Waterjet.

StM customers value the greatest ease of use and personal consulting. In the end however it is always a question of cost optimisation and saving energy too. And this is exactly where the strengths of our modular range and custom solutions lie.

With the StM modular system customers get everything they need and nothing they don’t. This saves costs and also space. By exact adaption to each customer’s requirements and their specific production processes we are able to keep investment costs down. In addition StM – Waterjet puts
great emphasis on the longest possible service life of systems.

We provide customers with robust designs, replacement parts warranty of at least 10 years and comprehensive maintenance and repair services. Moreover since the requirements on the machine can change over a long service life retrofitting or upgrading is easily possible at a later date.

That’s how easy one is able to improve performance and optimise costs.

StM Waterjet manufactures a standard range of CNC controlled portal systems in all sizes and for
every application. The determining design criteria are functionality and economy as well as ease of operation and maintenance.

Construction and price-performance ration allow even small and medium size companies to adopt the technology. Each system can be used for pure water, abrasive or combined cutting processes. This means that all machines can cut a wide variety of materials without retooling. At the same time parallel cutting (2D) with up to twelve cutting heads is possible. Our systems are produced in series,
pre-installed, tested and as a rule supplied containerized.

Our waterjet cutting systems have a compact and user-friendly design consisting of three elements: Cutting table, control system and high-pressure pump. These three units are perfectly linked together in terms of looks and function.

Irrespective of model all construction components, bolts and screws are of wear-resistant stainless steel or aluminium. Characteristic features are a flat underside as well as the smooth side walls with concealed linear guides without bellows and a high pressure tube fed through the axes.

The fully digital drive consists of brushless AC servomotors with multi-axes NUM, Eckelmann or Siemens CNC control. The corresponding software runs on MS Windows and requires only a standard computer.

Drafting is made directly in the cutting program in which the continuously variable setting of cutting pressure and abrasive quantity can also be made. The total EDP technology is integrated into a moveable control console from which all processes are able to be centrally controlled. This guarantees maximum ease of operation, control and safety.

Standard equipment includes the abrasive dosing system with compressed air transport of the abrasive and intermediate dosing. As far as the high-pressure pump is concerned only the very best systems such as BFT high-pressure pumps are good enough for us. Dependent upon requirements
they achieve up to 6000 bar with a connected load of 11-75 KW and 1 – 10 litres per minute.

  • High-pressure pump automatically switches off after cutting
  • Robust lightweight design does not require any special foundations
  • Low energy requirement of the control module (3 kW)
  • Low compressed air usage since the abrasive dosing system only delivers if the fill level is at
  • Infinitely variable pressure regulation for maximum energy efficiency

PremiumCut / PremiumCut IFC

The waterjet cutting system for unlimited cutting capabilities

  • High-performance
  • Efficient
  • Precise
  • Professional users, 1 – 4 shift operation
  • Flexible and expandable
  • Multiple cutting heads
  • Several Z axes
  • 2D / angular error compensation / 3D
  • Tube machining can be integrated in the X axis
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All-round system for sophisticated requirements

  • Precise
  • Adaptable
  • 2D cuts
  • Experienced users, 1 – 2 shift operation
  • Flexible and expandable
  • Multiple cutting heads
  • Several Z axes
  • 2D / angular error compensation (model 2019 and higher)
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Economic entry to the world of waterjet cutting

  • Adaptable
  • Easily maintained
  • Standard users, 0.5 – 1 shift operation
  • Expandable
  • Multiple cutting heads
  • 2D
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StM Cube

The waterjet cutting system for the highest level of safety

  • Noise protection
  • Ideal splash guard
  • Safety
  • Experienced users, 1 – 2 shift operation
  • Expandable
  • Multiple cutting heads
  • Several Z axes
  • 2D / Angular error compensation (model 2019 and higher)
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MicroCut MJ / V1

Specialist for highest precision and extremely delicate cuts

  • Extremely high cutting precision
  • Cutting of delicate and complicated components
  • Great repeat accuracy
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STM OneClean Modulsystem


Modular all-round system for recovery and cleaning of water and abrasive

  • Versatile
  • Effective
  • Environmentally friendly
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