StM Cube

The economic entry to the world of waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting machine
Silent and safe

StM Cube waterjet cutting systems have all the technical specifications of the EcoCut or MasterCut incl. a hood cover and thus providing even more safety and convenience. The capsule provides noise insulation, maximum safety and an ideal splash guard. It is thus the perfect system for e.g. research and educational establishments.

Advantages of
StM Cube waterjet cutting systems

Noise insulation

By means of the hood construction a noise insulation of 10% can be achieved. StM Cube waterjet cutting systems are about 8 dB quieter compared to other systems.

Increased safety

For cutting environments with enhanced safety requirements the StM Cube waterjet cutting system provides the ideal conditions. Thus new opportunities are created for research & educational establishments as well as mechanical production.

Compact systems

The StM Cube can also be set up in small production buildings without any problems. The waterjet cutting system convinces with the need for only a very small floor space.

StM SmartCut cutting software

The easy to understand StM SmartCut waterjet cutting software can be adapted to own requirements using modular upgrades. Within the graphical user interface all parameters are able to be intuitively set and dxf files directly imported.

Travel speed
15 m/min
Positioning accuracy
± 0,1 mm
(per metre at 20°)
Repeat accuracy
± 0,08 mm
(per metre at 20°)
Z axes clearance
180 mm
Width (x axis) in mm
Length (y axis)
in mm
  • experienced users, 1 – 2 shift operation
  • expandable
  • multiple cutting heads
  • several Z axes
  • 2D / Angular error compensation (model 2019 and higher)
  • StM ONE Clean HF / WKS / ARS