STM SmartCut

Ease of use meets functionality

Water Steel Cutting Software

Intuitive operation and maximum efficiency in work preparation

Well-functioning, reliable hardware is just as important as intuitive, user-friendly software is well known. However, especially in the most basic production areas of the industry – e.g. in separation technology – it is becoming increasingly important to keep the training effort in the daily production processes as low as possible.

With the STM SmartCut cutting software, STM has set itself the task of creating precisely this balancing act between ease of use and functionality as well as flexibility.

The waterjet cutting software from STM is suitable as a complete program for the operator directly on the production floor, as well as for the user in the work preparation department.

For waterjet cutting, the software here communicates directly between the waterjet cutting system and a standard office PC as the CNC control unit. The advantage: the application does not require any special prior CNC or EDP knowledge.

Intuitive operation of this STM waterjet software is further supported by suggested cutting strategies.

The sample piece can also either be photographed analog and digitized by the STM SmartCut software or already digitally, imported in common formats and processed. File formats such as .dwg., .dxf, .step, .ai or .iges can be imported directly in no time at all and other necessary parameters can be set with just a few clicks. (Formats from suppliers such as Trumpf or Bystronic can also be imported and processed without any problems).

Material to be processed as well as the material thickness can be selected in the shortest possible time. In addition, the STM cutting software offers automatic drawing correction. For example, if lines are not closed correctly, overlap, or are so tiny that clean cuts cannot be made, the software will assist in correcting them for a clean cut result.

Through this, the STM waterjet cutting software enables efficient, CNC waterjet cutting according to the latest standards.

Due to the modular extensions of this easy-to-understand cutting software, the interface can be adapted to individual requirements depending on the user’s needs. This guarantees a compact, clear control panel in the STM SmartCut software at all times.

The ability to set up individual cutting programs quickly and easily in the work preparation stage in particular provides industrial production with new, flexible solutions.

The STM SmartCut waterjet software combines advanced CAM with easy-to-use CAD functions, making it ideal for prototyping applications.

2D cutting

The STM SmartCut 2D waterjet software is designed to enable efficient 2D cutting with the help of simple and intuitive operation.

The operation of the software is extremely simple and can be learned by anyone – without prior knowledge – in a two-day overall training course on software and machine.

In addition, STM training videos are available to assist you in implementing a wide variety of cutting applications.

2D cutting by waterjet is not only simple, but also very entertaining, as the import option of a wide variety of formats and templates means that success is immediate. (among others the following formats are possible: .dwg., .dxf, .step, .ai or .iges)

Waterjet cutting in 2D is learned in no time at all thanks to a wide variety of presettings in the STM SmartCut software, as a wide variety of materials and material thicknesses can be selected or even added at the click of a mouse. The waterjet cutting software automatically determines the optimum cutting speed for the desired 2D shape and the cutting material. In addition, different cutting qualities can be selected, as required, and also transferred to partial sections of the workpiece.

This function enables efficient 2D cutting by slowing down the cutting speed where high quality is required. Conversely, the speed of the 2D cut is increased where the cut quality has less relevance.

If the slightly slanted cutting edge on the cut part that occurs during 2D cutting is not desired, this can be avoided by automatically slanting the cutting valve.

For this purpose, STM waterjet cutting systems can be expanded in modular design to include the so-called STM TAC function (automatic angle error compensation – Taper Angle Control).

This setting also doubles the cutting speed for 1 to 15 mm material thickness with a perfectly vertical cutting edge.

Before the cut, the STM waterjet cutting program provides support by calculating the expected cutting speed. This is a basic function of STM SmartCut and provides information about the cutting time as well as the cost of the planned 2D cut. This supports efficient and effective industrial manufacturing and production.

3D cutting

As a waterjet specialist, STM ensures that 3D cutting becomes even more versatile, precise and, above all, cost-efficient with the STM 3D/68 3D cutting head and sophisticated software. With this waterjet cutting head, STM’s gantry systems, which are consistently trimmed for economy, operate profitably with inclinations of up to 68° and pressures of up to 6,000.

The STM 3D/68 3D cutting head makes 3D cutting economical and cost-efficient.

The cutting head from STM enables smooth, fast and parallel 2D and 3D waterjet cutting with and without abrasive on the basis of one and the same software. This is ensured by a 2-axis swivel joint mounted on the front of the machine bridge, which enables swiveling in all directions and thus makes all 5-axis cutting tasks possible. The STM 3D/68 rotates very quickly through the Tool Center Point, eliminating the need for compensating movements for angle changes and speeding up cuts with clean water and abrasive. And this with 5-axis kinematics, which makes a bevel cut and thus increased precision at the cutting edge possible. Cutting valves, focus, mixing chamber and water nozzles are equally suitable for 2D and 3D production. This means that the operational costs for 3D cuts at STM, at 25 euros per cutting hour, are no higher than for 2D cuts.

STM SmartCut 5X 3D cutting combines high functionality with ease of use. The STM 3D cutting head is available in three variants – up to 12°, up to 48° and 68°. All 3D cutting heads can scan the height of the workpiece once, at intervals or permanently.

On STM waterjet cutting systems, through the STM SmartCut CAM software, a 3D workpiece can be cut easily and intuitively from a .dxf, .dwg, .step, .ai or .iges file. Also CAM special formats like .flow, .tops or .lantek, etc. are possible.

Of course, all 3D cutting heads can be used to compensate for the angular error. STM’s proven 3D cutting head combined with STM SmartCut software makes 3D cutting faster, simpler and easier to use.

In just a few steps, the workpiece, material, thickness, tapping, starting points, speed and cutting sequence are selected. After that, the cutting time as well as the costs can be calculated or the workpieces can be cut out immediately. Highly efficient, very fast nesting supports efficient production and rounds off the processing.

Above average in every respect.

STM SmartCut is a complete program for creating or importing drawings and for setting process-specific parameters for the waterjet. This waterjet software allows the flexibility of the waterjet to be fully utilized. At the same time, suggested strategies and the intuitive user interface make it very easy to use. The software communicates directly between the waterjet cutting system and a standard office PC as the CNC control unit. STM SmartCut allows faster processing of cutting requirements and the application does not require any special CNC or EDP knowledge.

  • Import of .dxf, .dwg, .step, .iges, files
  • CAD Module: All basic CAD functions e.g.: Measure, snap functions, layer, block, print and drawing dimensioning.
  • Automatic optimization of geometries
  • Direct machine control via Office PC
  • Machine and material database
  • Database with different approach strategies
  • Automatic detection of external and internal contours
  • Marking possible by default
  • Supports multiple outer contours
  • Common cutline to minimize part spacing
  • Microsteg function
  • Calculation module for the estimated time and exact cost of a job, including a printable report
  • Visual cut control through simulation mode
  • Automatic adjustment of pump pressure and abrasive quantity

Additional modules


TubeCut can be used to cut tubes either with the C-axis or lying on the cutting table with 2D and 3D systems. Results can be visualized before cutting.

CAM Tools

CAMTools is a tool for machining, optimizing and correcting the cutting contour.


Allows additional import of the following file formats: .CBF (CAMbAL V3 files), .GEO (TOPS files), .TAG (Taglio files), .ORD (OMAX files), .PRT (ADMiCUT V1 files), .WMF (Windows meta files), .IGS (IGES files), .PS, .EPS (Level 1 Postscript)


SignMaker is a tool that converts images (JPG / BMP) and fonts into a CAD geometry. This IGEMS module also allows to convert scanned paper drawings or images with logos to .DXF files and generate a CNC code from them.

NEST Level 1 / Level 2 nesting module

Grid nesting (Level 1) copies parts into rows and columns with optimal spacing. Auto nesting (Level 2 – only in combination with Level 1) automatically optimizes parts of different geometries. All geometric shapes are supported, i.e. not only parts can be nested, but also lines, curves and circles.


IGEMS Organizer stores relevant information during the work process to organize the work orders. All possible data from individual parts, plates and residual plates are stored. The system is based on an SQL database and is characterized by the fast retrieval of stored information.

Some excerpts of the features:

Parts management: tracing of all desired parts. At the part level, for example, you store information about the remaining parts that still need to be manufactured, or information about customers, delivery dates and much more.

Plate management: Similar to parts management, but stores different information such as material type, material thickness and quantity. It also tracks the whereabouts of residual disks that have been split and saved with an ID number. This means you always have full control over your materials in the warehouse and have information about where each remnant plate originally came from.


The FloatingLicence allows the cutting program to be called up via a network from any workstation. With the FloatingLicence, any number of clients can be installed and access can then be managed with the FloatingLicence module.

5X CAM module

The 5X CAM module can be used to cut chamfers on panel workpieces with the waterjet. The module is optimal for weld seam preparation. The 5X CAM module is very easy to use – so very different from many other 5-axis cutting solutions. All you need to do is enter an angle and the width of the chamfer and set the tool path. Just as easily as in 2D machining, the cutting file is then generated and forwarded to the controller by clicking “Start”.


AWJ Ramping Technology automatically incorporates changes in material thickness or cutting direction into the speed. This always achieves the optimum speed and curve optimization.


TheTileMaker module is specifically for the stone industry. This module provides a special nesting aid and commands for inlay work in stone floors.